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庫恩茨技術織物精密織造 Kuenzel Precision for technical fabrics 库恩茨技术织物精密织造




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Kuenzel 庫恩茨技術織物精密織造
- 德國製造精密鋼筘:我們可按每位客戶指定的標準規格量身定製,適用於各類織機和不同的織前準備系統,織造單層和多層織物。
- 包括那些仍在研發的前沿高尖產品。
Kuenzel Precision for technical fabrics
Reeds - made in Germany: We manufacture according to standards, according to drawing but also according to your requirements for all types of weaving machines and different weft insertion systems for single and multi-ply fabric.
Our core competence lies in the production of special sheets for heavy fabrics, gauze and paper screens, filter cloths, wet and dry screens and carpet fabric.
As a flexible supplier with international sales, we can produce reeds for all applications - even those who have yet to be developed.
Kuenzel 库恩茨技术织物精密织造
- 德国制造精密钢筘∶我们可按每位客户指定的标准规格量身定制,适用於各类织机和不同的织前准备系统,织造单层和多层织物。
- 包括那些仍在研发的前沿高尖产品。

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