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Through a long term of dedicated work experiences in the industry of technical fabrics, we trust of establishing

the partnership with you who dare to adopt the cutting-edge know-how of producing high-end metal wire mesh, technical and functional fabrics, selvedge denim as well as tubular structures. 

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Copper/Bronze mesh, due to its good conductivity,  widely use in the demagnetization or lightning strike protection purposes; and because of its excellent elongation, it will be applied tactically to the banknote and security paper forming (mount interwoven mesh onto the cylinder mould) to embed  reveal watermarks hence resulting the most readily recognized security feature available to the general public.

Bronze Mesh | A&A Consultant

Security screen mesh is enjoying the upscaling market 

for household preventing break-in, with at least of diameter

0.8x0.8 mm mesh no.11 usually made from Marine Grade High Tensile stainless steel (316) with unique  specifications. Products come out from weaving must be: flawless, very flat, very even of mesh opening. 

For Australian market, in order to be compliant with 

AS5039 security, grill shearing, knife shearing test, where wire specifications applied should be even tougher and need unparalleled weaving know-how.

So it is a challenging job. Our special loom for this mission with 24,000 daN.M at beat up tension and  further assured  by the Trinca paterned Prespooler which effectively eliminate the torsion of weft  and tackle the technical issue of  the perfectly straight weft wire insertion. 

Security Screen Metal Mesh | A&A Consultant
Selvedge denim | A&A Consultant I Trinca Shuttle loom

Denim symbolizes authenticity, workwear, the wild west and at certain stage even rebellion. 

For denim enthusiasts today will not happy with those mass production jeans, then bound to have taken the time to seek out the vintage denim jeans for your wardrobe. Being the blue blooded, you are not only satisfying with those remake jeans which only repeat the classical silhouette. And keen to go into the details of jeans in the 50’s were made of different fabrics, be coloured with different dyestuffs, and undergo different pre/after treatments…those are an important key to achieving an authentic look.

Now the problem with this selvedge denim revival has been finding the selvedge fabric to make the jeans, because there are so few factories in this industry still keep using shuttle looms.

Hence the small detail on the upturned cuff to show the little selvedge stripe inside the jeans, on the outerseam (akaimimis/redline) quickly became one of the “things to have”.

The story of denim and jeans culture: The secrets of selvedge, which goes on with Trinca type TNV- shuttle loom for technical cloth, denim and endless fabrics. Weft insertion with the traditional shuttle and refined with most cut-edge technology of energy recharge enable the flawless quality and drastically low the energy consumption. That show our respect to tradition, no tolerance to fabric quality and at the meantime we care our environment.

Trinca shuttle looms --- live the legend without compromise and add substantial development….  

Photovoltaic (PV) as a clean and renewable source of energy, abel to deal with "the challenges of climate change and secure an energy supply in an intelligent manner ". And it is booming in recent years. The 'old-fashioned' screen printing has been used most prevalently in the printing process to make solar cells. Adopting screen printing processes helps the solar cell making industry be more affordablee and attainable.Such meshes need top grade wires, plus  the ultimate mesh weaving technology and  further backup by effective quality assurance system. The Italian loom represented by us, enable the fully control of precise weaving, and this can be further supported by using the warping machine from the same vendor. Ensure extremely effective achievement unparalleled precision woven wire mesh and the highest repeatability. 

Metal Mesh for PV | A&A Consultant


Environmental awareness coupled with administrations policy guidance  lead the filtration materials to be the hot item, where the woven metal mesh integrated with woven synthetic mesh and/or non-woven materials forming the combined mesh to deal with filtration of solid, fluid and gas. And this need the filtration materials weavers possessing comprehensive knowledge about mesh. And in turn they desire the very capable looms. We have the answer to this trend, with the sophisticated FASTRONG loom, which backed-up by the unique in this industry of Trinca Heddle frame width of 4.0 metres but without centre support, successfully proven it.

Filter |  A&A Consultant


Architectural metal mesh, unparallalable with its flexible, aesthetic and environmentally responsible. The loom can manage weft diameter up to 10.0 mm and cope with same maker's crimping machine and further backed with the extraordinary wire uncoiling reel, yields the perfect woven metal fabric.

Architecutural Mesh | A&A Consultant


The market has an ever increasing demand for products of high quality yet frequently in small quantities. So higher flexibility and reliability looms count. Our loom maker is now in to position to deliver to the industry with the very first and versatility machine and able to  weave forming, press, drying fabric and even filter

on the same loom!

Trinca I A&A Consultant I Technical Textile I Industrial Fabrics I Metal Mesh


If you determined to explore those new products for forming fabric of 2.5 or even triple layers fabric, or trial a 7 to 9 layers structure of conveyor belt, the world unique WeaveStruct enhance you in no time of evaluate if your idea works and skip most of the trial weaving, and plan your production schedule during the product developing stage, furthermore with the online of real costs, fibre compositions etc.

CH-Consulting I A&A Consultant I Technical Textile I Industrial Fabrics I Metal Mesh

​For hi-end weaving, one expect the reed with exceptionally smooth surface, highly densified material composition, the reed maker established since 1860, evolved the exclusive 

steel  in close cooperation with steel manufacturer, offers super high density and therefore less potential loss of original durability. Special flange processing technique to guarantee completely free of grooves.

And they are the only supplier for full function repairable reed, and Carbon profile.

Kuenzel | A&A Consultant

Screen printing industry, when push to the limit, one bound to consider the stainless steel wire screen...and such mesh is very demanding on the loom which can fully control the weft insertion. Loom representing by us adopted servo motors for let-off, take-up, shedding, weft insertion, augmented the extremely fine and regular mesh opening where we meet no rival. As the market 's trend 

of large scale outdoor display panels, more and more wide loom employed for this field; and the same series loom can even handle those extra delicate aluminium wire mesh!

Printing Mesh | A&A Consultant



Because we mastering it...


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