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We are representing world class weaving looms, world unique professional software system, and

high quality reeds, granting a comprehensive solution for those who seek the cutting-edge tools for high-end metal wire mesh, technical and functional fabrics, selvedge denim as well as endless carbon fibre tube.




The manufacturer and solution provider of special, super heavy duty/super fine 

weaving looms for metal wire mesh, PMC forming and drying fabrics, filtration materials, conveyor and corrugator belt, selvedge denim,endless carbon fibre tube, as well as 3-D weaving.

the new FASTRONG loom effectively fill the gap of this industrial sector

Trinca I A&A Consultant



  Since 1860

- the leading professional reed maker for

  high-end metal wire mesh & technical


- the only manufacturer of repairable reed 

- use the Sweden precision steel

- abrasion-free weaving through highly

  round rod

- unique uni-body U-profile, achieve the     heaviest load weaving in this industry

- offer all kinds of special dimensions

- value add to our customers


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Proudly present to you the world unique WeaveStruct and the series,

the most advance and professional

software system for technical fabric, metal wire mesh development.

Programmed practical experience, Save time and weaving trial costs.

CH-Consulting | A&A Consultant


Binding Technology of Fabrics, 

Basics of fabrics-weaving technique, single-surface fabric, harness drawing-in, markings

On some pages binding factors are noted. They say that with the same yarn and use of materials and square fabrics setting (approximately the same number of threads in warp and weft per unit length) the thread density towards the plain weave may be increased by the factor referred to obtain the same weave density. This binding factors apply to flexible yarns, with stiff yarn values are somewhat higher.

Pictures, calculations and simulations were performed with the application softwares WeaveStruct and WeaveMaster.

WeaveStruct | A&A Consultant



Marin Industrietechnik is a company that developed, produced and marketed high quality components for the production of paper machine clothing/Technical fabrics. The thus created range of products is considered today to one of the most advanced and most sophisticated on the market. Products, that simplify and accelerate the production processes, reduce cost, improve the quality and meet easily the needs of a modern business.

Marin Shuttle for PMC / Technical Fabrics



Sariel s.r.l from over twenty-five years is active in the industrial sector.Where made system for different applications, has acquired and consolidated the technical field and the necessary expertise to fully meet the most demanding requirements.

​- Batch Winder for technical textiles

Sariel I Batch Winder for Technical Fabrics
A&A Technical Textile/Metal Mesh Experts

Technical Experts & Sourcing


Well experienced experts team from Europe and all over the world to help you in the forming fabrics, (FIFA certified) artificial lawn, carpet, filtration materials, mesh, carbon fibre recycling and the related fields in ad-hoc or contract basis.

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