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Mastering Metal Mesh, Technical Textiles...

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Convey you the world class makers, solution providers and experts for  wire mesh, technical textile, engineered cloth & functional fabrics as well as selvedge denim, tubular carbon fibre structure and 3-D weaving.




Mastering metal wire mesh, technical textile and functional fabrics, selvedge denim, carbon fibre endless tube as well as 3-D weaving.







Provide professional services for high-end metal wire mesh, technical and functional fabrics, selvedge denim,  carbon fibre endless tube as well as 3-D weaving. Maintaining synergy among all stakeholders.

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Chic & Care

Fast fashion producing at a high rate to meet demand, manufacturers relying on synthetic materials that are cheap and quick to produce. However, they take decades to biodegrade, It is time to slow down—take a closer look at our clothing labels, too...


A&A Consultant@Trinca ITMA 2023 Booth

Mastering Metal Mesh I A&A Consultant

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