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Mastering Metal Mesh, Technical Textiles...

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​精   專   金   屬   網,   產   業   用   布...


Convey you the world class makers, solution providers and experts for  wire mesh, technical textile, engineered cloth & functional fabrics as well as selvedge denim, tubular carbon fibre structure and 3-D weaving.




Mastering metal wire mesh, technical textile and functional fabrics, selvedge denim, carbon fibre endless tube as well as 3-D weaving.







Provide professional services for high-end metal wire mesh, technical and functional fabrics, selvedge denim,  carbon fibre endless tube as well as 3-D weaving. Maintaining synergy among all stakeholders.

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Lunch @ House of Lords

Mastering Metal Woven Mesh I A&A Consultant

-- In the Cholmondeley Room at The House Of Lords,...


Mastering Metal Mesh

Mastering Metal Woven Mesh I A&A Consultant

Hong Kong Palace Museum located at the harbour front of the West Kowloon Cultural District, the exterior walls are covered with fair-faced concrete along with facade cladding of golden curved aluminium perforated panels, creating an effect of glazed tiles. The lighting design highlights the curvature at night with a play of light and shadow.

The façades look simple and subtle from afar, but a closer look reveals their extreme complexity and sophistication. They consist of more than 4,022 decorative aluminium panels and metal meshes, of different shapes, patterns and curvatures…

A work by Hong Kong Rocco Design Architects, echo with the design of the  Beijing and Taipei Palace Museum, engineering a contemporary structure of classic Chinese visual and spatial aesthetics

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