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  • Abel AU

高端織造 For hi-end weaving

(For English version, please refer to the latter part/简体参阅后半部) -高端織造,期望鋼筘為極光滑的表面,和由高密度的物質組成,我們代表的鋼筘廠商創立於1860年,長期與鋼材製造商密切合作開發出自用特殊鋼材,達超高密度和原耐久性的衰減極小,加上特殊的法蘭加工處理,打造出半徑絕對流暢,完全無凹槽的高端鋼筘。作為技術織物鋼筘的首要製造商,其全性能可修復鋼筘,以及碳纖筘樑更是為業界獨有的! - For hi-end weaving, one expect the reed with exceptionally smooth surface, highly densified material composition, the reed maker established since 1860, evolved the exclusive steel in close cooperation with steel manufacturer, offers super high density and therefore less potential loss of original durability. Special flange processing technique to guarantee completely free of grooves. And they are the only supplier for full function repairable reed, and Carbon profile. -高端织造,期望钢筘为极光滑的表面,和由高密度的物质组成,我们代表的钢筘厂商创立於1860年,长期与钢材制造商密切合作开发出自用特殊钢材,达超高密度和原耐久性的衰减极小,加上特殊的法兰加工处理,打造出半径绝对流畅,完全无凹槽的高端钢筘。作为技术织物钢筘的首要制造商,其全性能可修复钢筘,以及碳纤筘樑更是为业界独有的!


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