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  • Abel AU

建築金屬網 Architectural metal mesh

(For English version, please refer to the latter part/简体参阅后半部) - 建築金屬網,極具靈活性,美觀和環保,織機引緯線徑高達10.0毫米和配套同一製造商的軋花機和緯線退捲軸,始能生產出完美的金屬網織物。 -Architectural metal mesh, unparallalable with its flexible, aesthetic and environmentally responsible. The loom can manage weft diameter up to 10.0 mm and cope with same maker's crimping machine and further backed with the extraordinary wire uncoiling reel, yields the perfect woven metal fabric. - 建筑金属网,极具灵活性,美观和环保,织机引纬线径高达10.0毫米和配套同一制造商的轧花机和纬线退卷轴,始能生产出完美的金属网织物。


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