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  • Abel AU

銅網 Copper/Bronze mesh

(For English version, please refer to the latter part/简体参阅后半部) -銅網,作為性能良好的導體,廣泛應用於消磁或雷擊保護;由於其極佳的伸長率,戰術性地被取用在制造鈔票紙和防偽紙 (造紙過程中運用鑄模機上交織而成的銅絲圓網)嵌入可透視的水印由此形成公眾最容易識別的防偽特征; -Copper/Bronze mesh, due to its good conductivities, widely ultilize in the demagnetization or lightning strike protection purposes; and because of its excellent elongation, it will be tactically use for the banknote and security paper forming (interwoven mesh mount onto the cylinder mould) to embed reveal watermarks that result are the most readily recognized security feature available to the general public. -铜网,作为性能良好的导体,广泛应用於消磁或雷击保护;由於其极佳的伸长率,战术性地被取用在制造钞票纸和防伪纸 (造纸过程中运用铸模机上交织而成的铜丝圆网)嵌入可透视的水印由此形成公众最容易识别的防伪特征;


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