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  • Abel AU

不鏽鋼絲印刷網 The stainless steel wire printing screen

(For English version, please refer to the latter part/简体参阅后半部) - 絲網印刷網領域,當推向極致時,人們別無選擇的採用不銹鋼絲印刷網。高目數的不銹鋼絲印刷網,對織機非常苛刻,需能完全控制引緯和網布。 我們代表的織機配置全伺服電機作送經,捲取,開口,引緯,有效地織出極其精細和均勻的網孔,完全無可匹敵,應運而生的戶外大型顯示屏,令寬幅織機更多的投放在此領域;同系列織網機更能夠織造極縴弱的鋁線絲網! - Screen printing industry, when push to the limit, one bound to consider the stainless steel wire screen...and such mesh very demanding on the loom which can fully control the weft insertion. Loom representing by us adopted servo motors for let-off, take-up, shedding, weft insertion, achieve the extremely fine and regular mesh opening where meet no rival. As the market trend of large scale outdoor display panels, more and more wide loom employed for this field; and the same series loom can even handle those extra delicate aluminum wire mesh! - 丝网印刷网领域,当推向极致时,人们别无选择的采用不钢丝印刷网。 高目数的不钢丝印刷网,对织机非常苛刻,需能完全控制引纬和网布。我们代表的织机配置全伺服电机作送经,卷取,开口,引纬,有效地织出极其精细和均匀的网孔,完全无可匹敌,应运而生的户外大型显示屏,令宽幅织机更多的投放在此领域;同系列织网机更能够织造极纤弱的铝线丝网!


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