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  • Abel AU

光伏用金屬絲網 Metal Mesh for PV

(For English version, please refer to the latter part/简体参阅后半部)


Photovoltaic (PV) as a clean and renewable source of energy, able to deal with "the challenges of climate change and secure an energy supply in an intelligent manner ". And it is booming in recent years. The 'old-fashioned' screen printing has been used most prevalently in the printing process to make solar cells. Adopting screen printing processes helps the solar cell making industry be more affordable and attainable.Such meshes need top grade wires, plus the ultimate mesh weaving technology and further backup by effective quality assurance system. The Italian loom represented by us, enable the fully control of precise weaving, and this can be further supported by using the warping machine from the same vendor. Ensure extremely effective achievement unparalleled precision woven wire mesh and the highest repeatability.



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