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Convey you the world class makers, solution providers and experts for  wire mesh, technical textile, engineered cloth & functional fabrics as well as selvedge denim, tubular structure and 3-D weaving.




Mastering metal wire mesh, technical textile and functional fabrics, selvedge denim,  endless tube as well as 3-D weaving.





Provide professional services for high-end metal wire mesh, technical and functional fabrics, selvedge denim,  endless tube as well as 3-D weaving. Maintaining synergy among all stakeholders.

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Selvedge Denim---Shuttle Loom Solution

Selvedge Denim I Technical Fabrics I A&A Consultant I Trinca shuttle loom solution

Denim symbolizes authenticity, workwear, the wild west and at certain stage even rebellion. 

For denim enthusiasts today will not happy with those multi-national corp’s mass production jeans, then bound to have taken the time to seek out the vintage denim jeans for your wardrobe. Being the blue blooded, you are not only satisfying with those remake jeans which only repeat the classical silhouette. And keen to go into the details of jeans in the 50’s were made of different fabric, coloured with different dyestuffs, and undergo different pre/after treatments…those are an important key to achieving an authentic look... ...



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Mastering Woven Metal Wire Mesh I A&A Consultant
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